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Construction Skills Certificate Scheme

  A CSCS card is of prime importance. It proves that you have undergone training and you are competent to carry out your job role safely.  Without it working on a construction site is impossible

The CSCS card shows you have completed training and have the knowledge regarding your work, health & Safety issues and Environmental understanding.

Proactive Learning Centre will give 
advice on training and the syllabus.

All Sections covered in the H & S test

CSCS Mock Test

Analyse the results

▪ The CSCS Exam 

Your CSCS Card will be specific to your trade and will also contain relevant information about you on its computer chip.

If you are unsure about which CSCS Test you need to take please get in touch.

We will make sure you get the CSCS card which is best suited and most appropriate for you.

The Proactive Learning Centre is an accredited NVQ  training company. The help you get to pass the test is the best available.

Applying for a CSCS Card

To apply for a CSCS card you must demonstrate your occupational competence.

Having completed the test you will be given a score report stating whether you have passed.

You will have to apply for you CSCS card after having completed the test.  It will then be delivered to your registered address.  

Key Benefits

You will have a much better chance of passing the CSCS Health and Safety test

Accidents & ill health, prosecutions,fines and claims for compensation will be minimised.

You will be able to gain access to construction sites.

You will have help to achieve the construction sector goal to raise Health& Safety standards.

Equip yourself with the skills you need in order to pass your CSCS Test!

Types of Card